Compatible with Magura hydraulic brakes

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    Compatible with hydraulic brake systems

    Riding your e-bike kilometer after kilometer, but sadly sometimes you have to take a break, or slow down a bit to actually enjoy your ride. The HydroStop is a breakpad that will give you the control over every ride in all conditions. Take your time, and enjoy every minute of your ride.


    Weight (g)
    Amount (pieces)
    Cartridge type
    -The typification cartridge means that the brake pad itself is replaceable.
    Cartridge included
    Rim brake type
    A caliper is a mechanism attached to the frame of the bicycle with a single bolt above the tire. The arms of this system reach down around the tire of the bicycle. The arms of the brake system rotate around the central bolt or around several pivot points.
    A cantilever brake is a system consisting of two separate brake arms. Each arm has a self-pivot point and is loosely attached to one side of the frame. They are connected by a brake cable.
    V-brakes are an evolved version of cantilever brakes that provide more power through increased leverage. Two things make this happen. The brake lever is designed to pull more cable, and the brake arms are longer and at a different angle.
    The hydraulic brake is often found on bicycles from the more expensive segment. In this system, the braking force is transferred to the rim flange by hydraulic fluid. This ensures a smooth operation and great power, but the disadvantage is that in wet weather the power decreases somewhat. Magura is the best-known manufacturer of this type of brake.
    Rim brake pad type
    Our standard rim brake pads are suitable for aluminium rims
    -High Performance
    The rim brake pads in the 'high performance' category provide additional braking power.
    These rim brake pads have a special composition for carbon rims.
    For E-bikes we have developed rim brake pads with a special composition that meets the requirements for higher speeds.
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