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    Caffélatex is a truly innovative tyre sealant, successfully used on and off (MTB, cyclocross) road, for tubeless, tubular and inner tube applications. Replacement 250ml bottle.

    Thanks to the addition of microscopic silicate particles, Caffélatex now moves more slowly through holes, allowing the sealing ingredient more time to heal the puncture. These particles are NOT of macroscopic size (e.g., glitter 150-300 microns) but are instead microscopic particles less than 2 microns in diameter.

    Please read the MBUK's Six of the best guide to tyre sealants.

    Thus, Caffélatex flow characteristics change on a microscopic level without the headaches of valve-clogging glitter. Puncture repair speed is up to 5 times faster, an improvement especially noticeable with lightweight or thin-casing tyres.

    Recommended quantities:

    30 to 50ml per wheel for road/cyclocross applications; 50ml for mtb tyres up to 26x2.10/29x2.00; 60 to 100ml for mtb tyres over 26x2.10/29x2.00.

    Top Features:

    Replacement 250ml bottle

    Its fast sealing action makes Caffélatex ideal for MTB and road tubeless, tubular and standard tyres

    Caffélatex repairs puncture up to 5mm(MTB) and 3mm (road)

    Stable over time

    -Thanks to its formula, Caffélatex is a very stable and durable sealant, but Effetto know this is highly dependable on kind of application and external conditions. Using the recommended quantities for tyre size, the expected sealant lifespan is:

    -Tubular (or Caffélatex inserted into latex/butyl inner tube): 1-2 years

    -UST Tubeless tyre: 4-6 months

    -Tubeless-Ready tyre: 2-4 months

    -Tube-type tyre: 2-3 months

    -Effetto recommend checking Caffélatex every 2 months, to make sure it’s liquid and therefore retains its ‘puncture preventive’ action. When dry, Caffélatex-sealed wheels are still air-tight, but Caffélatex won’t actively repair punctures

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