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    A versatile and bright rear light, the Lezyne Strip Pro Alert Drive is the perfect riding companion to increase rider safety within all weather conditions.

    Multiple solid and flashing output modes, including a daytime flash option, and a maximum brightness of 300 lumens, means that the rider can be seen at night, during the most torrential of rain and even in dazzling sunshine. The five LED’s are covered with a Wide Angle Optic lens that spreads their output across a sweep of 270-degrees to make sure drivers are alerted when approaching from several directions.

    Innovative “Alert” technology turns the light into a brake light that detects when the rider is slowing down. Upon deceleration, regardless of the output mode selected, the light turns solid and gets brighter to alert other road users behind. Once stopped, a distinctive flash pattern is emitted to maintain high visibility while stationary. The regular mode is activated again when riding resumes.

    Up to 28 hours of battery life is possible, depending on the operating mode selected, and this is easily recharged by the supplied USB lead. The lightweight and robust construction is highly waterproof and can be attached to any aero or round seatpost via the durable rubber band mounting system.
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