The Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT GPS Ultimate Cycling Bundle includes ELEMNT BOLT Cycling Computer, RPM Speed Sensor, TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor and RPM Cadence Sensor, so you can accurately monitor and record your cycling power and performance.

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    The Wahoo Elemnt Bolt V2 is a next generation cycling computer that is designed to help you get out ahead and stay there. It pushes your performance to the next level in with its aerodynamic shape and targeted training. This computer is built to defy any forces that attempt to slow you down with a sleek build and next-level training suggestions. It perfectly integrates into your mounting system at the front of your bike, fitting in with the race-ready setup you have made for yourself. The computer also allows you to personalize your home screen so everything you need to get ahead it right at your fingertips. Convex buttons make it easy to scroll through your data without disrupting your ride. The Wahoo Elemnt Bolt V2 is designed to keep you focused on your performance and the challenges ahead.

    This computer is centered around its GPS functions and it is more advanced than ever. It offers turn by turn navigation from the very beginning of the route. If you make a wrong turn, a red strip will flash to alert you and your computer will quickly reroute to get you back on track. The “take me to” feature allows you to pick a specific point on the map and receive on-demand directions to that exact point. All of your saved favorite locations are also saved under that “take me to” section so you can easily locate your most frequent destinations. When you want to head back, the “route to start” function will find the fastest way back to your starting point while the “retrace your route” option will take you back the exact way you came. With millions of miles of preloaded maps and detailed color features, the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt V2 is the best way to navigate.

    The Wahoo Elemnt Bolt V2 is also filled with countless workouts to improve every aspect of your ride. It is fully integrated with TrainingPeaks, TrainerRoad, and Today’s Plan. All of these programs include structured workouts that can be easily accessed and put to work on the road or inside on your Wahoo Smart Trainer. All of the data from your workout is automatically sent to your favorite apps for proper analytics. You can save your favorite workouts and create a training program that suits your personal goals. The Elemnt Bolt V2 is ready to help you become the best rider you can be.

    All of these revolutionary features come together on a state of the art display. A 64 color screen highlights important points on charts and graphs, making them easy to read at a glance. The PerfectView Zoom function allows riders to select a certain statistic that they want to keep an eye on, making it larger for easy viewing during a ride. When riding in low light, riders can utilize the Ambient Light Sensor which adjusts your screen settings automatically to remain easy to see. On the vibrant Elemnt screen you can see messages from friends as well as their locations when they are shared with you so you can meet up for a ride. The Wahoo Elemnt Bolt V2 GPS Computer is made for serious riders who want their computer to become a part of their bike and their training regimen.

    This bundle comes with more than just the computer. It includes a Tickr Heart Rate Monitor, an RPM Cadence Sensor, and an RPM Speed Sensor. All of these components can be connected through Bluetooth or ANT+. The bundle includes everything you need to create an integrated training system to improve at the fastest rate possible. If you are ready for a simple and clean system, this bundle is for you. With all of these components working together, you have everything you need to dominate the road.