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      Caffélatex Tubeless Strip is a very light, puncture-proof and transparent tubeless rim strip that makes tubeless conversions quick and easy. Strip allows tubeless conversion of most standard bicycle wheels, using Tubeless or Tubeless-Ready tyres and Caffélatex or Végétalex sealant.


      • The easiest way to perform a tubeless conversion

      • Very light tubeless rim strip

      • Damage-resistant

      • Long lasting, it can be moved from one wheel to another

      • Extended range of widths


      Note for road and gravel riders looking for the correct Strip for their wheels

      • wheels identified as 29" (for mtb), 28" (for road) and 700c have the same rim diameter, 622 mm in ISO/ETRTO standard. Therefore, the right Strip for 700c wheels is 29".

      • wheels identified as 27,5" (for mtb) and 650b have the same rim diameter, 584 mm in ISO/ETRTO standard. Therefore, the right Strip for 650b wheels is 26/27,5".

      Tubeless conversion, made easy

      Caffélatex Strip is the ultimate tubeless solution for very difficult rims (for example, aluminum rims with mat surface finishing, rims with very deep channel, pin-joined rims where the junction is not welded etc.). This because Strip isn’t adhesive: it’s made in one piece and relies on its elasticity to sit tight on the rim.

      Please note: sorry, Strip won't work on asymmetric rims with off-center valve hole.

      To convert a rim to tubeless, simply remove the existing rim-strip, choose the appropriate Strip size and follow the following easy steps:

      1. (OPTIONAL STEP) Use a roll of electrician tape and seal the spoke holes of the rim. This just in order to create an additional protection to prevent sealant from getting inside the rim inner chamber, in the unlikely case the Strip moves and let some liquid go through.

      2. Insert the provided Caffélatex Tubeless Valve in the hole of Strip, so that the rubber base is in contact with Strip.

      3. Secure Strip to the rim, tightening the nut on the valve stem. It’s important to push the valve base against the rim while doing so, to achieve a proper air-tightness.

      4. Keeping the wheel with the valve at 12 o’ clock, finish mounting Strip onto the rim. With a screwdriver or a similar tool, center Strip inside the rim channel.

      5. Add tubeless tyre, Caffélatexor Végétalexsealant, inflate, ride.

      Additional details in the tech video down below.


      Being thin (0,8 mm) and strong, Strip only weighs 30 g (for S 26″/27,5″), making it weight-wise competitive with adhesive tubeless tapes (ranging between 9 and 20 g per wheel) and simply superior to old butyl tubeless rim strips (with limited strength and adding over 65 g per wheel). Weights(*) for a single Strip are:

      • Strip S 26″/27,5″: 30 g

      • Strip S 29″: 33 g

      • Strip M 26″/27,5″: 36 g

      • Strip M 29″: 39 g

      • Strip L 26″/27,5″: 48 g

      • Strip L 29″: 53 g

      (*) tolerance +/- 10% on nominal weight

      Highly resistant to damage and puncture

      The special polymer employed in its construction makes Strip highly resistant to damage and puncture. It’s also very stable from a chemical standpoint and cannot be damaged by Caffélatex or other non-chemically-aggressive tyre sealants.

      WARNING: using sealants containing aggressive chemicals or ammonia, or cleaning the rim with aggressive chemical products can damage Caffélatex Tubeless Strip and may represent dangers to the user. We recommend using only Caffélatex or Végétalex sealants, or Espresso/Espresso Doppio inflate & repair cartridges with Caffélatex Tubeless Strip.

      Long lasting

      Something you can do with Strip that you simply can’t with adhesive tubeless tapes: moving Strip from one rim to another. 
As the Strip material is very durable, its lifespan can exceed the one of the rim it’s mounted on, and can it be removed and mounted on another rim. Strip can also be removed and mounted on the same rim if a spoke needs to be replaced.

      Available sizes

      Caffélatex Tubeless Strip is available in three widths:

      • S (25 mm): for rims with internal width between 16 and 20 mm;

      • M (30 mm): for rims with internal width between 20 and 25 mm;

      • L (35 mm): for rims with internal width between 25 and 30 mm.

      Each width (S, M, L) is available in two length options, to fit different wheel diameters (26”/27,5” or 29”), for a total of six options.

      Strip is sold as kits containing two rim strips and two Caffélatex Tubeless ValvesBlack 40 mm (for rims up to 37 mm of height), 2 wheels per kit.

      Max pressure for Strip is 7 bar (100 psi), making it suitable also for wider road tyres (starting at 28mm of width).


      Why introducing the Strip when you already have a tubeless conversion Tape?

      For most applications adhesive tubeless tape is great, and it will always be lighter than a tubeless rim strip. A layer of our Tape weights around 10 g per wheel, our Strip is around 30 (but note that a butyl rim strip is around 65g).
However, tape requires time and some basic mechanical skills to be installed properly: Strip can be mounted in a couple of minutes and will work flawlessly even with deep-channel rims or low adhesion rim finishing.

      Unlike adhesive tapes that stay inside the rim channel, the Strip climbs on rim internal walls and in some cases can be seen from the outside, when the tyre is mounted. Why?

      The idea is to create air tightness between the tyre and the Strip.
This is especially useful for pin-joined rims: in those, the junction is not welded, and sealing the spoke holes in the rim channel is not enough as sealant/air can seep through the rim walls at the junction. Strip is born to be the ‘no problem’ tubeless converter!

      The Strip is puncture proof. Why?

      Being resistant to cuts/puncture, the Strip is immune to the tyre-lever damages that are so common on butyl tubeless liners or taped rims. The puncture resistance becomes more relevant when using the Strip on cut-out rims for Fat bikes.

      My rim has a Schrader valve hole (diam. 8,5 mm). Should I use a valve adapter?

      Strip will easily convert any Schrader-drilled rim with no need for any adapter (just use the provided tubeless valve and insert it in the Strip before mounting it on the rim, as described above).

      Made in Italy.

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