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    This new model of Aero IRONMAN helmet has been designed and wind tunnel tested by EKOI as an excellent alternative to the time trial helmet;

    The AERO 16 will make you gain watts compared to a traditional road helmet with the advantage of being able to wear it on very

    when aerodynamics is not essential) or when it is very hot (because it is more ventilated than a traditional time trial helmet).

    It is light (265 gr with magnetic shield) which avoids neck pain and it is proven that wearing the magnetic shield while protecting your eyes really optimizes the

    while protecting your eyes really optimizes the penetration in the air.

    The design of the screen of the AERO 16 will give you a clear and incomparable vision in aerial position on your extenders, avoiding pulling on your neck to see far.

    your neck to see far ahead.  

    The AERO 16 is designed to beat your records at T1 (transition 1) because it is the easiest and fastest helmet to put on (screen positioned and magnetic chinstrap closure). 

    Finally, its magnetic shield can be raised with perfect integration to the shape of the helmet.

    Product advantages: 

    . Aero helmet designed and tested in a wind tunnel to optimize air penetration 

    . Weight in size S (52-54 cm) 265 gr with magnetic shield and 230 gr without shield 

    . Delivered with 3 different removable screens cat 3 

    . Adjustable occipital support from bottom to top and adjustable by wheel

    . Ekoi magnetic buckle is designed to minimize time lost during transitions

    . Ventilated straps to eliminate sweat


    . 8 vents

    . 3 sizes: S (52-54cm) M/L (55-58cm) XL/XXL (59-61cm)

    . In mold shell on top and bottom

    . CE and CPSC standards 


    This helmet is designed for speed and is an alternative for competitors who do not wish to use real-time trial helmets which are less ventilated and cover the ears. It will be perfectly suitable for mountainous courses where aerodynamics is not preponderant.


    Ultra-light high-density EPS
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